Parts Auditing Program

Parts Auditing & On-Site Conveyor Surveying Program

Dorner’s Part Auditing Program will help you identify and easily purchase recommended spare parts in order to minimize downtime and costs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact your distributor to set-up a visit with a member of the Dorner Service Team.
  • A Dorner Service Team member will conduct a free site survey of all your Dorner equipment.
  • They’ll determine the recommended spare parts as well as any potential maintenance concerns.
  • You’ll receive a quote for the recommended spare parts from your distributor.
  • Any maintenance concerns and suggestions will also be noted.

What’ You’ll Get:

  • A recommended parts list you can use for future reference and details of any pending maintenance issues that would need attention.
  • If you purchase the recommended spares you will be able to quickly replace worn items, decreasing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Any parts orders of $8,000 or more resulting from the Parts Audit visit will qualify you for a free preventative maintenance training at a future date!